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Steel Building Re-Roofs in Bellevue, WA: Strengthen Your Structure Today

Commercial Industries provides re-roof services for all brands of steel buildings. With customers dating back to 1956 and with over 1,200 steel buildings constructed, Commercial Industries has been replacing roofs of past customers for years.

With the average steel building roof usually lasting around 30 years, customers with older steel buildings will eventually be faced with the requirement to replace their aging roof. Your steel building was designed to function properly using a steel sheeted roof system. Today, there are several companies promoting different coatings, membranes, and overlays to try and extend the life of your steel building roof system.

Unfortunately, these systems often trap moisture. This causes your existing roof sheeting to rust out and eventually lose the structural support of the roof sheeting, leaving only the coating or overlay and causing a failure of the roof system.

Some systems can add weight to your roof system taking it over the structural design of the steel building. These systems are also very expensive, oftentimes costing almost as much as it would to properly replace the roof sheeting.

Commercial Industries removes your existing roof sheeting and replaces it with new sheeting that is designed to work with your steel building exactly as when it was new. There are no gimmicks, just properly engineered products that return your steel building roof system to new condition to last another 30 years. Some of the new sheeting that Commercial Industries has available carries a 35-year material warranty to ensure that your roof performs better than ever.

Roof insulation can also be upgraded as the new roof sheeting is being installed, providing a new higher R value to help lower your monthly bills and save energy, helping the environment. The new bright white insulation will also lighten up the interior of your building, creating better lighting and improving the look of your building.

Example of Our Re-Roof Work


Re-Roof Before Example 1

Re-Roof Before Example 2


Re-Roof After Example 1

Re-Roof After Example 2

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